Can't Log in?/Not Getting Emails?

If you have been receiving emails from Shady Harbor Fire District then you have already been approved for an account.
Each account can have two emails linked to it.  You are sharing your account and password with your household. If you change the password, let others in your household know what it is. 

If you have already been approved for an account or anytime that you forget your password, reset your password by providing the approved email and clicking on forgot password? in the login box.  You will be asked for your email again and click on submit. Check your inbox for this email account and click on reset my account password which will being you back to the website.  Enter your new password and click on Reset.

To change your address and other account settings, click on the v to the right of your name once you are logged in and select account settings.  You can provide a secondary address, email preferences, and more.

If you are not receiving emails but the person listed first on your account is, the primary person can login and either add or change the second email listed using the directions above.  If the primary email changes then it is best to create a new account with all the new contact information and your old account will be deleted.